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https://aquamagazine.com/maodzedyn/dzedynmao/6838 Have you ever started a book that was so interesting you would not put it down?

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http://jeremiahstaproom.co.uk/?violeta=femme-dating-sites&e55=d7 This is how I feel about visiting new destinations, learning about, the history, different culture and trying exotic foods. Learning about the cultures that are so different yet so similar, makes every trip not only an experience but also educational. I believe we were given this big wide world so we can explore, not just read about it in books, but create our own books. We all work so hard trying to make a living but do we really have a life?  You have one life to live so enjoy every minute of  it. I was blessed with a second chance in life and I plan on making every second count.  I may not have the money to visit every country but I will definitely try and visit as many as possible and so should you.  I am very fortunate to have a job that that allows me to see a little of the world, however I recommend to everyone to save a little every month, and take  that one  trip in your lifetime.  Visit that place you have always dreamed of visiting, or seen in your favorite magazine or movie. Don’t waste time planning on just making a living, go ahead live a little and enjoy every minute of  it. Skip a few pages of that book to get to the exciting parts, you can always go back to the introduction  and start all over again.  I was blessed with a beautiful baby and I plan on seeing the world with him and through his beautiful eyes.  The journey begins, come along with me. 😛

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