De Palm Island Aruba

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De Palm Island

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hop over to these guys Aruba, a  beautiful island with great beaches and nightly entertainment, and if you would like to do something different with your family, I recommend De Palm Island.  De Palm Island is Aruba’s only all-inclusive destination, great for families, groups, family reunions and school outings. Searching for a romantic getaway, that may not be the place for you, however you may be able to find a quiet corner on the beach to relax. Fantastic for families as there is so much to do to keep everyone busy, and what I was certainly impressed by was the abundance of lifeguards on duty and plenty of monitors by the water slides.  Parents can feel comfortable that there are more eyes checking on their kids for safety purposes.

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look what i found A short thirty minutes’ drive from the Palm Beach area  followed by a short 8 minutes ferry ride and you are in De Palm Island.  Great family fun and  adventure. The island provides a water slide, snorkeling, sea trekking, face painting, hair braiding, and a full service spa.  Breakfast and lunch and snacks is all included in your package.  There is a  small beach area, lots of cabanas on a first come first serve basis.   The staff on duty also organize other activities like beach volleyball, card games and you may just find a partner to share a game of dominoes. There are also lockers available for rent in the event  everyone in your party would like to go swimming or snorkeling.


Full day and half day passes to enjoy the De Palm Island facilities are available for purchase. 

De Palm Island Beach

De Palm Island Beach


Overall great for the entire family!!!


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