Zee Rover Restaurant, Aruba

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sistema de asignacion de citas rencontre sans lendemain reims Do you like to experiment with the local cuisine on your travels? If so, you are in for a treat. I mean, this is one of the tastiest ways to get a feel for the personality of your destination. I call it “ site de rencontre amoureux 100 gratuit Tasting the culture”. While in Aruba we decided to find out where the locals eat, and who do you ask for recommendations? The waiters, housekeepers at the hotel or an on patrol officer on the street. We met this wonderful Police Woman who gave us great directions to the place with the best local food on the island. ZeeRover!!!

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http://zspskorcz.pl/pictose/eseit/1247 Zee Rover is located on the east coast of the island in Savaneta. The drive from Palm Beach was approximately thirty minutes and the restaurant was very easy to find because it was bustling on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. It is definitely a favorite spot on the island. Zeerover sits right on the water overlooking the fishing boats in Savaneta, where the vendors sell their fresh catch daily. On arrival we selected our order from the bucket of freshly caught fish and other seafood. You can choose from red snapper, mahi mahi and whatever the catch of the day may be. Side orders includes: shrimp, cornbread and fries. So we appropriately chose a little of everything.   Your order is then weighed, seasoned and then taken to the kitchen for preparation. The kitchen is open so you can actually watch your order go through the process of being prepared for your feast.   You pay your tab upfront, given a number and then you find yourself a table. You have to visit Zeerover with lots of patience, as the wait is approximately thirty minutes on a busy day. However with the stunning views and the sound of the waves crashing on to the shores, you get into that relaxing mood.

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Zee Rover Crowd

Zee Rover Crowd


I was concerned that our server would not find our table, as the place was so crowded. However after twenty minutes of chatting with other patrons, there she was strutting down the terrace with our piping hot delicious food. Everything is served with pickled onion, tartar sauce and papaya hot sauce. This was my first encounter with papaya hot sauce. Everything tasted, so good, the meal was scrumptious, well except the corn bread. The corn bread was a bit of a surprise as it tasted and looked like pancake, not what Southerners call corn bread. The best drink for such a hearty meal is definitely a very cold Balashi, local beer of Aruba.

Delicious Food

Delicious Food


Overall, great food, ambience and over fifty happy people, made our Zeerover an experience to repeat.


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