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hop over to this web-site The disease called Cancer can take so much away from you but you have to have the fighting spirit.  You cannot just depend on the medical field, you have to have that internal fighting spirit and prayers.  I believe in prayers and that it makes a difference.  My diagnosis came as a surprise to me and I always believed that I would be ok.  I had that gut feeling that I would be fine.

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check my reference I stayed at Emory for another ten days and then came back again for the third intravenous chemotherapy session.  Everything went well and I would be home after the seven (7) days.  My immune system was low but getting back to a normal person.  Chemotherapy kills every cell in your body, god and bad, hopefully all new cells would be growing cancer free. When I thought all was going well, I got a fever again and then had to be readmitted.  The doctors could not find the infection and was worried.  They had to remove the port eventually as it looked like the port was infected.  I was happy that they found the infection but happier the removed the port. I had to be reminded that I was not totally healed, but just the port was being removed.



Anyone with a port would understand the joy that comes after having your port removed.  You can now take a shower, wear any blouse and did I mention enjoy a shower.  After 4 months I was able to jump in a shower and just wet every inch of my body.  The little things you miss or take for granted is just amazing when you are able to get it back.  I’m sure there are places in this world where individuals can’t take a shower every day, now I feel blessed that I was able to.

The doctors visited me and told me that I would soon be discharged as the infection was gone and the fever had not returned in 48 hours.  Yes that shower did the trick.  I know it did.  I was in good spirits and felt healthy, I was eating a bit more and feeling less nauseous.  I was feeling like a normal person again.  I did not have to wear the masks as much anymore and I was able to do so much on my own.


My next appointment would be crucial as I had to be strong enough to start the maintenance.  That would be two years of taking the oral chemo and a mixture of other medications.  Two straight years of medications.  The doctor reminded me that absolutely no alcohol, not even a little wine with dinner? Nothing, not a drop.  At that exact moment I had such a urge for a glass of Moscato, or Rose, even merlot that I don’t care too much for.  You see, I’m not a drinker and I may drink a glass of wine every two months but just being told I could touch it, gave me the urge to have some.  Funny how our minds work.


I had a few strands of hair on my hair until my husband said it was time to shave it all off.  It was a good feeling.  I was healing.  The old hair was gone and I looked forward to the new growth. I felt like a new person as the new cells was also growing in my body.  I would take this opportunity to take care of me and always put Me first.  Being diagnosed with cancer allows you to take a look at your priorities in life and set goals for your future.

I had a second chance to be happy and live my life to the fullest.  Stress and negativity would be thrown out the window, but I had to get used to the bald head.


I looked funny with no hair, or eye brows and very few strands of eye lashes.  My husband asked me if I would get wigs or head ties.  I thought about it and decided to wear hats if I needed to but will wear my bald head proudly.  It signified a new life for me.

My weekly appointments would be changed to monthly if my body was healing as needed and I was ready.  My next appointment was due and I went to get lab work done and then the doctor.  My results were good.  I had no more Lumbar punctures scheduled, no more intravenous chemo, no more biopsies.  I was healing.  The doctor also advised me that I was in remission as there were no cancer cells in all my lab work.  I said a quiet prayer and the tears just came flowing.  Yes I was in remission.  I would now be put on the maintenance plan and my weekly visits would be monthly.  I cannot describe my happiness to you.  I just wanted to go home and hug my little Eli, who had missed so much of his mommy attention.  I can now give so much more that a baby needs.



My prescription was sent to the pharmacy and I had a session with the Doctor’s PA to schedule my monthly appointments and also my medicine management.  I need a manager for my medicine, wow it was so much.  All was well and I was looking forward to my new life.  Just before I was finished with doctor’s meetings I asked a very important question.  Can I travel?  She said yes but very short trips……..

Well that did it.  I was planning my next trip.

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