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vision tv apk My name is a Kelly Clarke and I love to travel.  I have always worked in the travel industry and saw my travel as just work, until I started traveling with my husband.  He made our trips so enjoyable because he planned every bit of it.  He researched what we should do, where we should eat and our trips have been so much fun. I got hooked and started looking forward to every trip.

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free online live dating sites rencontre avec des hommes francais A little about me.

avis site rencontre gratuit 2015  I was born on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia and also work for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.  I decided to start a blog because I wanted to share with you some of my travel experiences.

As a keen traveler I like to go, off the beaten track whenever I visit a new destination. I like to learn about the culture, try the local food and of course hang out with the locals and make new friends. I enjoy staying in boutique hotels, and enjoy weekend getaways.

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gumtree glasgow dating This blog will be all about my trips and what you can and should do when you visit. I want you to see my blog as doing research for you before your trip. A quick getaway is sometimes, what the Doctor ordered.

site de rencontre avec femmes de l'est There will be a few stories about Saint Lucia and some of the very interesting hotels to choose from, am not being bias, we just have some very unique and beautiful hotels on the island.

http://chalet-location-toussuire.com/medved/4750 Thank you for visiting and hope you can meet me on my next location. 😀